Drilling horizontal wells with multistage drilling is a key technology for drilling shale oil, which is very similar in terms of oil production. The most recent studies in geological structure show that there are two main layers: a reservoir oil source containing kerogen elephant (a polymeric organic matter that forms in reservoirs such as shale oil) and interlayer reservoirs containing light oil. The latter also accounts for about 30 percent of the total reservoir depth. Such a complex composition requires special multistage fracking technologies, one of which is “plag & perf”.

Embedding can be carried out using abrasive jet perforation, in which each perforation creates several cracks leading to the development of a network, as well as in the case of standard fracking operations and each perforation, which are subsequently “acquired” with a special composite.

LLC Trust Neftegaz is actively developing technologies of dual completion and production/injection of two or more layers through one well, which allows increasing the field development efficiency.

As of January 1, 2020, according to the DCP (dual completion and production) and DCP/I (dual completion and production/injection) technologies were implemented and they were in operation at 2,174 wells. The total additional production by wells of DCP and DCP/I amounted to 17,072 thousand tonnes since the start of the technology application. The average increase in oil production rate per well since the start of the application was 4.2 tonnes/day. In 2019, DCP and installations were implemented to operate on 270 wells.

The DCI technology is implemented and works on 781 injection wells, including 44 wells equipped in 2018. The additional crude oil production in responding to production wells since the start of implementation amounted to 3,087 thousand tonnes. There were 2,955 DCP and DCP/I installations in operation there and the cumulative additional production since the start of technology introduction exceeded 20 million tonnes of crude oil.